How are you managing the transition to Fall?

How are you managing the transition to Fall?

It’s the time of year I always want to share what feels like my personal public service message: The transition to Fall can be hard on your mood.

This is personal for me. For decades I struggled each Autumn without understanding what was wrong or what I could do about it.

If you experience more rumination, worry, insomnia, general angst, irritability and analysis paralysis this time of year….you are not alone. In fact, research says panic and anxiety is 1.5x more likely in the Fall than other seasons, and 3x more likely if there is a warm wind.

The yoga tradition teaches this is because we have less downward flowing energy (called Apana) in the Fall. We essentially are more ungrounded with the majority of our energy stuck in our heads.

Being stuck in the head can be a dangerous thing!

Our minds are the most constricted aspect of our being according to the yogis…far more constricted than the body.

The mind is never satisfied. The mind is ALWAYS working…it is the ultimate work-a-holic. The mind self-sabotages. We are so conditioned by our mind to live in fear that we forget there is another path.

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