Only Connect

The inspiration for this series stems from the literal year of disconnection we’ve all experienced during the pandemic.
The word yoga is translated to mean “to yoke” or “to connect” so the essence of this practice is a reunification.
The times are demanding more of us right now. When we begin to reconnect, in the words of James Hollis, we are able to keep our “appointment with life”.
Each 75 min yoga class will start with a theme of connection that will be explored through asana, breathwork, mudra, and meditation.
In this 10 week series, we will explore each week the following themes:
Connect to Body
Connect to Breath
Connect to Self
Connect to Life
Connect to Others
Connect to Heart
Connect to the Edge
Connect to Nature
Connect to Our Inherent Wildness
Connect to Social Activism
If you are unable to make this class live on Thursdays at 9AM, this is no problem. You will be provided access to an online educational portal where all the classes will be saved and can be accessed at anytime. You will have lifetime access to this series.