The Risk to Bloom

A comfort zone is a a beautiful place but nothing ever grow there! I wouldn’t exactly call 2020 a comfort zone for anyone…all of us have been pushed in some way. And yet, everyone experiences fear and the resulting immobilization. This is exactly why comfort zones exist.
Research shows that when we are on the cusp of uncertainty, our brain registers it as “Failure”. Failure?! Of course so many of us avoid change (even if it is really positive) because no one wants to fail!
I’m writing about this because as the start of Yoga For The Mind is near (it starts Monday….there is still time to join!), my own comfort zone is getting stretched. I notice whenever I am on the precipice of something exciting and transformative, fear and doubt rear their ugly heads and start talking to me.
What if….it doesn’t work out?
What if….I can’t handle it?
What if…I”m not good enough?
What if….they don’t like me?
Are these questions familiar? Of course! They are the questions that keep us in comfort zones and tight buds, allowing us to avoid the change and transformation that beckons. We remain safe but stunted.
I talked to several people who were on this precipice this past week, thinking about Yoga For The Mind, but as one woman said “feeling weirdly terrified”. I see this as a great sign! On some level this woman knew she was on the precipice of something great. Fear and doubt had just shown up to confirm that.
So…if you’ve been contemplating Yoga For The Mind, but are struggling with any of the above questions or your own unique version of fear and doubt, know that it is very normal and maybe a sign that this is exactly what you need. AND….if I can help assuage or just listen to some of your fears, as well as answer your questions, book a call with me below.
To more courage for whatever you are facing…