Solstice Practice 2021

Hello Friends..
Happy Winter Solstice. Today we celebrate the longest night of the year. The sun actually stands still for about 3 days at the Tropic of Capricorn before turning back north.
During this time of greatest darkness, we have the opportunity for deep transformation. It is in the dark times that we grow the most. In fact, did you know that for children, all growth happens in the dark while they sleep?
The yogis say the biggest obstacle to transformation and consciousness is our unconsciousness. Said another way, it is the numbing out that stops us from our personal evolution. These dark nights and holiday times can be a time of numbing out with food, alcohol, sleep, and emotional disengagement.
But when we numb, we are wasting this precious time of transformation when we could be allowing the shifts our soul most needs.
Take time in these next few days to do the Solstice Practice below. It creates space for you to receive the intention you most need for this next season of winter. What are you ready to shed? What do you want to bring forth? What needs to transform?
Blessing to you on this most auspicious day….