Finding Truth in the Body

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Finding Truth in the Body

I  started to disconnect from my body quite early in my life, around the age of 5 after a traumatic event

I wasn’t even aware of this disconnect because it happened so early, but in retrospect I can see how it resulted in anxiety, body hatred, indecisiveness, and an overemphasis on my intellect and rationality.

Then around the age of 40, the symptoms came on hard: migraines, brain fog, sleep problems, fatigue, and GI distress. My body was speaking to me louder, calling for my full attention.

This autoimmune wake-up call forced me to my knees, and opened my eyes to fully embracing the connection between the symptoms my body was giving me, and the awakening I most needed to experience.

Do you feel distant from your body? Are you having body symptoms you cannot quite figure out? Have you recently received a diagnosis? Do you have a sense your body is talking to you but cannot figure out what it wants you to know?

Join me a conversation tomorrow, on how the body is a portal of truth. We’ll explore what it means to listen, understand, and decode the symptoms our body presents.

(Spoiler alert: Judgment is not apart of this conversation. Too often we judge ourselves and fall into shame when the body is displaying symptoms. The body is a beautiful messenger if we can receive it’s wisdom.)

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to Unravel Constriction: Learn techniques to release the tightness that masks your true self.
  • Understanding Symptoms as Signals: Learn how to interpret physical symptoms as messages for transformation and healing.
  • How to Overcome Detachment: Identify the causes of dissociation and how to reassociate for well-being and health.
  • The Body as a Portal of Truth:  Recognize the body as a powerful portal of truth that guides mind-body healing and personal transformation.

If you cannot make it live, please register anyway and we will send you the recording.

Finding Truth in Your Body:

The Unfolding Experience

Masterclass Replay with Dr. Betsy

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In today’s video you will learn:

1:22 The reason shame, blame, and judgment cannot be a part of this conversation.

5:39 How are you folded inward?

11:10 A model or map toward healing, liberation and unity: THE KOSHA MODEL.

14:41 The body as portal in to our evolution and the reasons the body is the place we must start our healing journey.

20:45 The reasons most of us are not living in our body.

28:14 The ways the body speaks to us.

32:08 The science of the mind-body connection as it relates to stress, genes, and repression.

42:55 A model for how to begin to decode the messages and symptoms the body sends to us.

49:45 The wisdom of Pema Chodron and how life is continually getting thrown out of the nest.

50:51 Information about Betsy’s upcoming “Yoga for the Mind” program.