Five Elements

Join the final “5 Elements” yoga class
with Betsy at 9AM this morning at this link:

We have completed our 5-week journey into self compassion. (No worries if you are still working through the lessons. They will remain indefinitely on the thinkific learning site.)

For me this whole experience has been eye opening. I don’t think I understood the deep need that women have for more self-compassion – mindfulness, kindness, and shared humanity. Especially the shared humanity! Hearing others stories, insights, struggles and knowing we are not alone is a profound relief.

I have a sense that although TEND HER is over, that there is more this collective community needs. I’m not sure what this looks like yet but would love to hear from all of you. Right now my ideas are swirling around women’s groups, podcasts, retreats, and even a once per month video. I trust it will evolve as it needs to. (I’m surrendering to the water element and the natural flow!)

We continue to have people ask if they can still join. The answer will always be a resounding “YES”! Direct people to this link and they can sign up for free:

Thank you for your presence, your energy, your enthusiasm, your love, and your commitment to your own self compassion!

May you continue to nurture a strong back, soft front, and wild heart!





P.S. If you want to join me in another live yoga class….I’m teaching at Walker Homestead Sunday morning at 9:30. Beautiful views and amazing food. No need to register. $15.