How to find calm in a divisive world

I received an email several months back from someone in our community asking if I would be willing to address her question in an upcoming Wisdom Wednesday.

She wrote, “How do we achiever inner calm and live in a loving and compassionate way with the divisive state of our world?”.

She went on to explain how easy it is to go toward anger with “others”, and wonders why she has to do all the “inner work” when they remain “stuck”.

I have been sitting with this question for 2 months now. I have been examining my own relationship to this topic, and watching my own anger with “others”, all the while trying to listen to a possible way through the quagmire.

I am not sure I have clear “answers”, but I can bring some understanding of why we humans so easily fall into traps of disconnection, prejudice, and contraction.

Here is what you will learn in this month’s Wisdom Wednesday:

  1. Why the world is so divisive.
  2. The reasons our brains create separation and self-sabotage and how we can overcome this.
  3. How to make the choice to wake up out of the ignorance toward more consciousness.
  4. The best place to get informed.
  5. The 3 things you can trust in life.