Five Elements

Join the final “5 Elements” yoga class with Betsy at 9AM this morning at this link: We have completed our 5-week journey into self compassion. (No worries if you are still working through the lessons. They will remain indefinitely on the thinkific learning site.) For me this whole experience has been eye opening. I don’t think I […]

Only Connect

The inspiration for this series stems from the literal year of disconnection we’ve all experienced during the pandemic. The word yoga is translated to mean “to yoke” or “to connect” so the essence of this practice is a reunification. The times are demanding more of us right now. When we begin to reconnect, in the words […]

The Risk to Bloom

A comfort zone is a a beautiful place but nothing ever grow there! I wouldn’t exactly call 2020 a comfort zone for anyone…all of us have been pushed in some way. And yet, everyone experiences fear and the resulting immobilization. This is exactly why comfort zones exist. Research shows that when we are on the cusp of […]

Masterclass Recap of Wisdom Wednesday’s

I am super passionate about combining psychology (“the study of the human mind”) with yoga (“the study of the union of body, mind & spirit”). I know that raising of consciousness that comes with the tools I’m going to teach in this course is life changing. I hear it from people all the time that […]

Are you feeling the call to step up in a new way?

Are you feeling the call to step up in a new way? You might have noticed that I’ve stepped it up this year in terms of the content I’ve been putting out. It’s truly because of COVID. Prior to the pandemic, I wanted to get the work I was doing out there in a bigger way […]

Everyone’s Current Reality

If you find yourself primarily veering toward doom and gloom of late, and you are looking to right the balance, consider the 6 foundational components that shift people to better mood states and enhanced resiliency (even during a pandemic). They include: Being in the body. Did you know that there is great variability in people’s ability […]

Are you feeling Stuck?

Dear Friends, Have you felt stuck lately? Do you have a sense that you need a change but are unsure what this means or even looks like? All of our lives have changed since COVID and for many of us being bound to our homes or having restrictions placed on how we live feels stifling. The […]

14 Day New Moon Practice (Sadhana)

This 14-day New Moon Sadhana is a daily practice of writing, contemplation, and brief yogic practices. It’s a chance to pause from the chaos and a step away from the crisis to open to new energy. Essentially….to tune us into more hope! You can repeat this practice at the start of every new moon, which happens every […]

My Dark Night of the Soul

About 6 years ago I found myself smack dab in the middle of a dark night of the soul. I had 3 young children, I was working myself to the bone, and my body began to revolt. Four rounds of strep throat in 6 months led to joint pain, diarrhea, migraine headaches, exhaustion, and brain fog. I could hardly […]

How is your Sleep?

How are all of you sleeping these days? I am feeling much more tired than usual, even if I get a full night of sleep. I’m also routinely waking up between 3-4AM. Unless I immediately fall back to sleep, my busy mind starts worrying and chattering and it’s a crap shoot whether I will sleep […]